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What's Your Property Worth?

Home valuations give you valuable knowledge that can help you plan for the future and make smart decisions. It’s good practice to stay informed about how much equity you have in your home and how much you may be able to borrow against it or sell it for. 

Our tool provides a more robust, accurate assessment than you’ll get from the major real estate portals. For the most precise valuation, reach out to discuss a customized Comparative Market Analysis or an appraisal.

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How Is a Valuation Performed?

Two Accurate Ways to Perform Home Valuations

Why Is a Valuation Important?

Situations When a Home Valuation May Be Necessary

Jill's Testimonials

Matt and Alexa A.

To say that Jill is a top agent would be an understatement. I have known Jill as a mother for years, but not as a professional. When we decided it was time to sell our home in Danville, we approached Jill to ask her about representing us. My dad had just had a stroke and was in the hospital. I was feeling completely overwhelmed. Jill told me that if she was our agent she would “love to take away some of the stress of Mossy Oak” and that is exactly what she did. From the day she began representing us, she demonstrated her honesty,  knowledge of the market, excellent negotiation skills and passion for real estate and her clients. She took care of EVERYTHING and left nothing to chance. This was the easiest real estate transaction we have ever had and  we owe that to Jill. We would hire her over and over again. Thank you Jill for everything you did for us.

Amy & Larry S.

Jill Fusari is a fantastic agent - as first-time homebuyers, we relied on her expertise to guide us and we are thrilled to have worked with her. Jill has a deep knowledge of contracts, potential issues that come up in inspections, a keen eye, and attention to detail - in addition to great local knowledge about the surrounding communities. She's also got a network of vendors to help with any repairs and goes to bat for her clients’ best interest - becoming a home buyers best ally and gaining our trust through experience and guidance. She makes herself available to answer all questions, find solutions, and be a resource after purchase - a key to building long term relationships. We highly recommend Jill to others - and look forward to continuing to work with her ourselves!

The Inkabi Family

Jill was amazing to work with, she went above and beyond in every aspect of our home search. Looking for your forever home can be taxing, and throw on top of it a global pandemic, and it's downright exhausting. Jill made the best of the situation, and provided us with a great experience from start to finish. She left no stone unturned: from comforts like snacks, masks, and gloves to helping us find the house and then write the perfect offer, she was awesome. We ended up getting our dream home with an offer that won over four other bids! Her knowledge of the real estate market, connections within the real estate community and work ethic are truly unmatched. We can't say enough wonderful things about Jill!

C. Brazee & C. DeGuzman

Jill delivered. She handled everything seamlessly and with great detail. Jill took the time to get to know us and understood our needs. Our home sold in record time and she was there every step of the way. She is thoughtful in approach and attuned to market conditions which made for a fantastic experience. We are so grateful.

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